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SGS – Southern Graphics Systems

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SGS – Southern Graphics Systems

Based in Tamworth, SGS is a leader in integrated packaging and marketing production, working with some of the world’s biggest brands. Its business model is built upon attaining and maintaining the highest standards, with a focus on innovation and automation.

As a group offering a wide number of services, SGS needed to create colour correct artwork for different print sites. The client could convert images quickly enough, but vector elements needed to be done by hand which was very time consuming.   

After understanding the distinct requirements of the SGS business, MPXColour recommended ColorLogic, a suite of colour tools that deliver high quality colour management. The colour sever, ColorLogic Zepra, can convert image and vector elements of the artwork while keeping the PDF data intact for their workflow systems. 

SGS is now able to produce artwork for campaigns going to eight print sites with multiple SKUs. The artwork can be originated in a 39L colour space, technically retouched and automatically converted to each site’s specifications without the need for further manual intervention. The company is therefore saving many hours in labour.

"Implementing this solution has improved our productivity & consistency, we needed a solution that gave us great flexibility along with accurate results and the ColorLogic tools provided this. So with the great support of Niall from MPX Colour we implemented this solution"
- Mark McKinnon, Production Manager at SGS

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