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Meet Jack, Sally and Leonard. See what results they get without MPX’s controlled colour communication tools.

Let us explain why cohesive branding is such a big deal, using two examples...

"colour that's always cohesive. It's a brand manager's dream, right?


((Print Account Manager))

Setting the scene:

Meet Jack, the Brand Manager for a nationwide organisation that needs to order high quantities of printed materials, every single day.

Jack works with Sally, the meticulous Account Manager at one of the many professional print companies in the UK that services his needs.

These two both have the same goal: to create
quality, eye-catching print that’s true to the identity
of Jack’s brand. Sounds easy, right?

It’s rarely that simple.

Explaining the problem:

Because when you print the same colour onto printed different materials, you’ll often get different results.

This means Jack has a problem. The identity of his brand is weakening because there’s no consistency in the colours of his artwork – and it’s this consistency that’s absolutely key to protecting his brand’s identity.

What’s making things even worse is that Sally doesn’t have the tools or the know-how to solve the issue for him. And neither do the Account Managers at the other print houses that are working with Jack, all of whom are using different machines and different processes to create different design files.

“Inconsistent colours can damage client/agency relationships. Fact.”


((Brand Agency Manager))

Setting the scene:

We’re sitting in a meeting with a big London-based branding agency, managed by Leonard.

Jack (the Brand Manager) has tasked them with creating an updated look and feel for his brand. Amongst other things, one of the agency’s jobs is to develop a colour palette that can be applied to his brand guidelines.

The agency gets to work, and before long they have picked out a selection of modern, vibrant shades that will form the backbone of the brand.

Jack is happy. Leonard is happy.

Everything is ready to go, so Leonard approaches the agency’s preferred print management company to help them bring their ideas to life. And this is where the whole process – and the client/agency relationship – begins to fall apart.

Explaining the problem:

Neither Jack nor Leonard have considered exactly how the colours they have chosen will translate to different materials on different presses.

The artwork that has been lovingly prepared by Leonard doesn’t the colours’ actual DNA, either. The CMYK values haven’t been correctly calculated, which means the branding won’t be cohesive.

So, when he sees his new assets in real life, Jack isn’t best pleased with the variation in colours. He’s spent a lot of money shaping his new brand identity with Create, and he doesn’t understand why the agency haven’t delivered what they promised.
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If only Jack, Sally and Leonard had heard of our colour consultancy services.

What we can do

MPX offers colour correcting solutions that'll make sure everyone is on the same page.

What we do:

We measure, optimise and verify your press fingerprints using the latest colour technologies.

We generate accurate ICC and Device Link profiles of your various ink and substrate combinations to control consistency and optimise colour results and each location or printing press.

We use these profiles in fully automated workflows so that we can deliver quality and consistency while bringing time savings and efficiency to the process.

The result is Sally’s Print business is more profitable, Jack’s brand is happier with more consistent print results, and Leonard's Print Management business is growing because of happy brands and suppliers.

We’ll do all the complicated stuff in order to make sure that brands, agencies and printers have the correct colour communication strategy in place, and no-one’s feeling short-changed by the process.

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