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Our partner in colour management is industry leader ColorLogic.de, whose tools allow you to implement automated colour management, consistently and reliably over time.

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Colour data needs to be refined and optimised to ensure the accuracy and maximise the potential of ICC profiles and Device Links. Sometimes spectrophotometer’s can make mistakes, ink heads misfire or the colour charts themselves have visual scratches or are incomplete.

Tools such as ColorAnt from ColorLogic enable you to correct these errors through detailed analysis, reporting and automatic data correction instead of wasting time doing it all over again.

If you want to get the best results from your ICC profiles, Device Links and proofing system matches first time ColorAnt is the tool of choice.

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We also offer tools for advanced colour profiling, enabling a range of solutions including grey, RGB, CMY, CMYK or multicolour ICC Profiles, ink savings and colour accurate device links.

Sound confusing? Then just ask. That is why you can put your faith in MPX’s knowledge and experience, a solution that many of our customers have come to rely on and

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Automation is the colour world of the future – especially in the on-demand environment of the graphic arts. We can help with tools such as ZePrA Smart Color Server, a powerful solution that can be integrated into any workflow. With an easy to use interface, it simplifies the implementation of custom devicelinks with smartlinks and CXF spot colour analysis all at incredible speeds.

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Making images the best they can be.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Elpical technology can make images the best that they can be, quickly and automatically, helping publishers produce the best quality work with the least manual overhead.

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For processing images in complex Publishing workflows, Elpical Claro is a leading image optimisation solution.

Although it seems contradictory, automatic image enhancement actually requires an individual approach. After all, what is good for one image is not necessarily good for another. Claro Individual Image Analysis inspects every individual image thoroughly, looking for such parameters as sharpness, brightness, contrast, color balance, and skin tones among others. This extensive individual analysis is fundamental to Elpical’s image enhancement technology. This allows publishing softwareClaro to achieve consistent high-quality results, even when the origin and quality of the original images vary significantly.

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For organising images in complex Publishing workflows, Elpical Clover is a leading image Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. Publishers tend to own millions of media assets, ranging from images and graphics to full pages. And they continue to receive and produce thousands of new media assets every single day. Clover excels in making all those assets accessible, searchable and usable for your editorial staff. It does so in a simple, transparent and straightforward way, while at the same time automating various production tasks.

Linked directly to Claro, this DAM solution can automate how you share and streamline image delivery for the most complex workflow environments. It will enable you to reduce the manual handling of images while increasing quality. A solution to image enhancement that delivers efficiency and quality.


Fixing PDFs automatically.

MPX Colour has a Gold Partnership relationship with Callas Software, and we can help you to be more productive and efficient when it comes to managing and working with PDF.

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For processing PDF, pdfToolbox offers a great opportunity for automation and effective production. Able to inspect, correct and process thousands of files, quickly and easily, it will enable you to fix everything from simple problems to very complex ones.

A preflight and correction software, pdfToolbox allows you to save time and money and ensure customer satisfaction.

pdfChip is another essential for the creation of high quality PDFs from HTML. Capable of generating both single and multi-page documents quickly, it comes packed with features that will enhance colour support and advanced content.

If you are struggling with the conversion of native documents from a number of sources such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more into PDF for archiving, then pdaPilot provides an answer.

Today, more than ever before, there is a necessity to keep a trail of workflow data, and the ability to support the archiving of documents in a timely way is imperative. We can help you to hold on to your business intelligence – quickly and easily.


Helping to automate your business

MPXColour offers the key to colour management and workflow efficiencies. We take a problem, understand it, and provide the solution. We can help to not only automate your business, but to increase profits and reduce production times, eliminate errors and free up resources. Sound good?

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The one bottleneck in any graphics workflow is email.  The second your client submits their Artwork they pass the problem of badly prepared PDF’s onto the printer. TFlow from Aleyant solves this problem.

Linked directly to your MIS/ERP system, your client is notified of their print order in seconds providing an efficient way for them to submit their Artwork.  In a flash the Artwork is preflighted – Fixed and prepared for production and instant approval online.  The approval is received by the printer and the manufacturing process begins.

Preflight with enhanced communication that saves everyone time doing is 3 minutes what took 3 days before!

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Managing your files, tFlow optimises efficiency and eliminates the manual touch points within pre-press, allowing for a more streamlined and optimised workflow. It reduces turnaround times, so that you can handle shorter runs and on-demand jobs more cost effectively.

Automation is key. With tFlow, you can auto receive files, auto-proof, preflight, automate repetitive tasks, get status updates on artwork, approvals, errors and more, and have open communication along the supply chain and within all relevant departments within your business –all this running automatically in the most efficient manner.

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