Case study:

Guardian News and Media Ltd.


Guardian News and Media Ltd.

The Guardian is a national newspaper with a long heritage dating back to 1821. Yet, it has ensured that it remains relevant to today’s multi media world by ensuring that it stays at the forefront of quality and innovation.

As a leading newspaper and information provider, The Guardian Imaging team on a daily basis is required to work with a huge amount of images garnered from a wide array of sources. These images need to be optimised and standardised before use in the newspaper.

Preparing hundreds of files so they are be the best they can be in a  printed newspaper – and in a time efficient way.

Working with MPXColour, the company was advised that Elpical Claro could help.

Claro is used by huge publishing names around the world. It uses an artificial intelligence system to optimise thousands of images in an automated workflow without the need for manual intervention. e

Claro’s Individual Image Analysis inspects every individual image thoroughly. This extensive analysis is fundamental to Elpical’s image enhancement technology. This allows Claro to achieve consistent high-quality results, even when the quality of the original images vary significantly.

The Guardian now processes a large number of it’s images through the system, which has resulted in a significant reduction in the need to manually fix files supplied from a variety of sources. The quality of the processing has won the confidence of the team so Claro is a trusted part of the workflow. 

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